• THE CORE –– is a health, research and technology enterprise corridor.

                 Health care is projected to be Idaho’s largest, highest-paying and fastest-growing business sectors.

The CORE is Different!

Unlike traditional economic development organizations or trade associations, we and our Partners are business leaders and economic visionaries; focused to create and grow innovative businesses to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem within the health-sciences industries.

Frequently Asked Questions about THE CORE

What is THE CORE?

THE CORE – – is a health sciences/technology and business enterprise corridor in the heart of Idaho’s fast-growing Boise Valley.  The City of Meridian, Idaho State University and their energized partners recognize that innovations in health sciences and technology will continue to be the stimulating force of the economy.

Who is behind it?

THE CORE is founded by a partnership of government, university and business leaders as a model for research, innovation and economic development in the health, science and technology sectors.  Idaho State University Meridian Health Science Center is the education anchor in THE CORE and a key asset to advancing health, sciences and technology economic development.

Where is it?

THE CORE is in Meridian, Idaho, located at the center of the Boise Valley region along the

I-84 corridor.  The 1,800-acre development spans North-South from Fairview to Overland and East-West from Cloverdale to Locust Grove. ISU is remodeling 182,000 square feet of new campus space in Meridian where 25 health profession programs will make their home in 2009 – creating dynamic environments supportive of entrepreneurs, health professionals and students.

What are THE CORE goals?

The goals of THE CORE are to develop quality health sciences education, foster economic growth and recruit new and quality companies to Idaho. THE CORE will become a vibrant place where educators, researchers and businesses come together to expand the economic landscape of the state and region and opportunities for Idahoans.

Why focus on health sciences and technology?

Health care will be the state’s fastest-growing, largest and highest paying industry between now and 2016. THE CORE will be the key asset to delivering quality health sciences education in Idaho and supporting the complementary businesses that thrive alongside institutions of higher education.

In the past three years alone, Meridian has seen an increase of 60 businesses and more than 1,300 jobs in the health care sector.

What is the anticipated economic impact of THE CORE?

Coupled with the stable incomes they provide and the cultural vibrancy they stimulate, business enterprise zones in partnership with universities have come to anchor many cities’ prospects for growth because of the ability to educate, attract and retain a highly qualified workforce.

About The CORE

The CORE’s Focus is to be the leading health, research and technology business cluster in the Pacific Northwest.  Centered in Meridian, Idaho, The CORE is in the heart of Idaho's fast-growing Treasure Valley, straddling three miles of Interstate 84 just 10 minutes from Boise's major airport with direct flights to and from more than 15 major U.S. hubs.

The CORE’s Mission is to promote the fusion of health sciences, research and technology to drive innovation and sustainable economic growth.  The CORE will foster a vibrant ecosystem where entrepreneurs, educators, researchers and professionals will collaborate, create, and show case technology assets.  This diverse group of partners will deliver long term and lasting benefits to the community by sustaining and creating new jobs that cannot be outsourced.

The CORE Membership Opportunities – Support The CORE!  By joining The CORE you can join business and community leaders to make our vision a reality.  Drive innovation, research, and technology while enjoying the wide variety of benefits The CORE will provide you and your organization; including participation and involvement with our industry priorities, initiatives, task groups, community alignments, events and forums, products, and member recruitment activities.

THE CORE's Vision - Public/private partnership dedicated to grow sustainable economic development through health sciences and technology in THE CORE of Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Existing businesses, attractive infrastructure and compelling assets – THE CORE of the Boise Valley along the fast-growing I-84 corridor – are driving innovation to systemically grow the Idaho economy.

THE CORE's Goals are to:

  • Grow jobs

  • Foster economic growth

  • Develop quality health sciences education

  • Recruit new and build quality companies in Idaho

THE CORE will become a vibrant place where educators, researchers and businesses come together to expand the economic landscape of the state and region and opportunities for Idahoans.

THE CORE Leadership

Earl E. Sullivan-Chairman
Bill Canon
David Sanna
Kathy Moore
John Francis
Mike Fenello


Ex-Officio Members:

City of Meridian  - Mayor Tammy de Weerd

ISU Health Sciences – Dean Bessie Katsilometes

Location and Infrastructure

THE CORE is in Meridian, Idaho, located at the center of the dynamic Boise Valley region along the I-84 corridor. 

THE CORE is 10 minutes from the Boise Airport with direct flight access to and from 14 urban centers: Seattle; Portland; San Francisco; Oakland,; San Jose; Sacramento; Las Vegas; Phoenix; Los Angeles; San Diego, Salt Lake City; Denver; Minneapolis; Chicago.

Outstanding physical infrastructure already exists in THE CORE – fiber systems, new roads, three miles of frontage along Interstate 84, as well as two freeway exits.

Innovation cannot exist in a vacuum; it must be supported by entrepreneurship.  Fortunately, THE CORE has access to critical resources and support services to promote a culture of entrepreneurship:

  • A number of the nation’s largest investment banks and other financial institutions delivering counsel, deal structuring, funding, and other financial services to the dozens of organizations already established in THE CORE.

  • Boise Valley venture capitalists and angel investors support early-stage companies, entrepreneurs and promising innovation ventures and networks.

Benefits of The CORE Membership:

Trustee Membership (Visionary & Innovator) – Providing Access and a Voice, Trustee Level Membership is the highest level of commitment to the Mission and Vision of The CORE.  Along with the benefits of Access to the The Core’s information resources and having a Voice in the future of The CORE, additional benefits include:

CORE Education:  Steering the future of specialized work force development in the state of Idaho.  CORE Education will pick one to three sectors a year to coordinate new programs or enhancements to current programs already offered in the state.  With the participation of Idaho’s major education institutions and various private groups, specialized workforce development will be a primary focus for The CORE.

CORE Capital:  Access to capital sources and the development of new capital sources for businesses in health, research and technology.  CORE Capital will focus on bringing in angel, private equity, empowerment funding, venture capital and other capital resources to The CORE.

CORE Forums:  Industry specific education and networking events that will include the following:  Quarterly Trustee meetings to determine the future needs in education, capital, and talent, legislative mixers, open houses for members of The CORE, roundtable discussions, educational seminars, and other events to grow The CORE.

CORE Data:  The CORE will develop a centralized repository of information related to staffing, real estate projects, new businesses, access to capital, events, permitting/licensure requirements, etc.  A general “war room” of information will be assembled for the benefit of our members.

CORE Talent:  A jobs board will be available for members to post and use for future workforce needs.  In addition, The CORE will establish various internship programs with the educational groups involved with The CORE that will be listed on The CORE website and for our Trustees first.  There will also be a general forum for the discussion on talent and new ventures.

CORE Service Panel:  The CORE will develop a strike force of preferred service providers to help the companies and individuals in The CORE expand.  This will include members from banking, legal, telecom, building, developers, and other relevant service providers that will act a first line for answering questions and providing immediate feedback on projects.  This Service Panel will also be directly tied into the necessary permitting for expansion and growth in Meridian.

General Membership Benefits – General Membership provides a great deal of visibility into the future of Health, Research, and Technology in the State of Idaho.  Members will have multiple opportunities to participate in events ranging from networking to educational and will have their businesses listed in our membership directory as well as have the ability to see the direction that The CORE is taking prior to the general public.  This will include peer-to-peer events, news feeds, and access to resources generated by The CORE and their Trustees.

Join The CORE!  Simply go to and click on the “Sponsorship and Membership Section” to sign up.  Or for more information on The CORE membership or benefits, please call Earl Sullivan at (208) 724-0790, or email [email protected].

The CORE Membership Levels:

Visionary or Innovator Membership – As a Trustee to The CORE, you will be intimately involved with The CORE’s strategic direction and will be actively involved with The CORE’s development and economic-support programs.  The expectations of our Visionaries and Innovators are toward the uppermost levels of investment, responsibilities, and participation; for this you will have first access to The CORE members, data, and future events.  At this membership level, we will display your company’s logo on marketing materials and on our website, advertising specials related to news for your company; and most importantly, you will have a Voice in the future of Health, Research, and Technology in Idaho!

Partner Membership ($1000+ / Year)  – As a Partner, your company will enjoy the benefits and inclusion of what The CORE provides to our new community – access to industry leaders, opportunities to build your businesses through education and networking, insights into current trends, regulations, research and emerging technologies and other collateral benefits of The CORE’s efforts.

Service Company Membership ($2500 / Year) – Service-based companies that want to participate in The CORE are encouraged to show their support.  Membership benefits include access to key decision makers and knowledge of the upcoming projects and initiatives.  Ask about Trustee Level Service Panel - Limited Opportunities Available

Incubator Membership ($500 / Year) – Exclusively for start-up or VC-backed companies in business for less than three years with revenues less than $5M, membership benefits for Incubators are geared specifically towards creating enhanced visibility and growing your business – all while enjoying the same benefits as a Partner.

Affiliate Membership ($1000 / Year) – Affiliate membership is exclusively for Not-for-Profit entities, Chambers of Commerce, Governmental Entities, or other related groups that are supportive of The CORE’s vision.  The membership benefits of the Affiliate will be in line with Service companies.

Individual Membership ($250 / Year) –  This membership is for individual contributors and supporters or groups with less than five people that want to support the efforts of The CORE. Memberships for Individuals enjoy the same benefits as a Partner, but at a reduced annual membership fee – providing individuals with the same visibility normally only afforded through larger organizations.